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A little more Persistence, Preserverance and Passion little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.


A conventional schooling system and more apt for children residing in the near by area. The child grooms under the supervision of both teachers and parents as the is more involvement of parents. It helps them to monitor the progress of their child in terms of academic and extra curricular activities. The academic program involves 4 hr schooling for pre-primary students and 6 hr for junior and senior level. To each section, we adopt different approaches and methodologies.

The Tiny Tots (Pre Primary)

The school offers a creative and playful way of teaching in a fun-filled environment. It is a stress-free and stimulating experience for child. The engaging session helps the child's mental and physical growth, and exposure to new subjects. The school curriculum has been devised to suit the developmental characteristics of each age group.

Blossoming Minds (Junior School)

The school focuses on the all around development of child. We strive to enhance the skills and inherent talent in every child. Curriculum is designed to make learning an interactive and innovative experience for the children. It is at this level that strong fundamentals are developed and social and ethical values are infused into their conscience.

Golden Wings (Senior School)

As it is a child's final stage in his/her over all school life, and student starts thinking about career, more attention is required. At BIS, our teachers, staff, and faculties leave no stone unturned to transform them into a winner in life. The curriculum is more focused on future oriented courses. We also impart values that a student keeps it as priceless possession forever his/her life.

Day Boarding Residential

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Almost everyone agrees that quality education is about possibilities, about success in real life, unleashing the child's own talents, about excitement in learning new things, about being a good human being and a contributing citizen
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