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Head Mistress

A little more Persistence, Preserverance and Passion little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.


Rudrapur is considered as an important commercial and infrastructural city and gives opportunity for various businesses to prosper. But we cannot put it on the road map of the world without having quality education for kids and youth.

While there exists gifted individuals in the city, there is a strong need to fill in the void of a good Educational Institute in Rudrapur. It is imperative in this age of globalization that Rudrapur stands up to the challenges the modern world poses for the future generation. We need schools that will be able to train citizens, who will be able to deal and work in multicultural environment. To be able to confidently work and succeed in multicultural environments your students require opportunities to study in world-class schools with educational standards that are second to none.

The Bhartiyam International School, Rudrapur aims at precisely achieving this. Through the plethora of activities and out of classroom teaching we inculcate a strong sense of values in our children. We have a wide range of activities: social service, sport, debates, elocution, foreign language, cultural fests, public speaking.... the list never ends .We can boast of having the best opportunities available to children for knowledge enhancement and personality development.

I am confident that Bharatiyam International School will be an enriching educational experience for the students and will help them in achieving their goals.


The Bhartiyam International School
Village Rameshwarpur, Lalpur
Rudrapur Distt. - Udham Singh Nagar (Uttarakhand)
Phone: 08881912345

Almost everyone agrees that quality education is about possibilities, about success in real life, unleashing the child's own talents, about excitement in learning new things, about being a good human being and a contributing citizen
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