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A little more Persistence, Preserverance and Passion little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.


Quality Education by Qualified Teachers

The school has a large activity room well stocked with little kits, doll house, puppet theater and mini kitchen and vast range of equipment for pre- and primary school children.

Small Student-Teacher Ratio

To give personal attention, every class has a definite number of students. We give special emphasis to every child and thus value quality rather than quantity. We promote each child's sense of self through innovative curriculums and exciting learning ways.

Focus on Individual

Our individual-centric approach helps every child to grasp the concepts taught in classroom. Our holistic approach involves and engages every child to participate in learning and encourages them to practice regularly.

Activity Based Education

To expose a child to a diverse range of subject, the school organizes many activities where a child can enhance the subject matter through hand-on lectures and visual demonstrations.

Integrated Academic cum College Preparatory Approach

At Bhartiyam International School, we provide an integrated program to students which prepare them for their further studies. Students are helped by admission counselors while applying to various universities.

Integrated Behavioral and Academic Progress Reporting

To develop the performance of a child and constantly keep the parents involved in overall improvement of their child, Parent-Teacher Meetings are held regular.

International Associations

The Bhartiyam International School is partnering with other international educational institutions to provide student exchange


The Bhartiyam International School
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Almost everyone agrees that quality education is about possibilities, about success in real life, unleashing the child's own talents, about excitement in learning new things, about being a good human being and a contributing citizen
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